You are eligible for the Tax
Refund if:

Who is entitled to a refund?

All tourists who reside outside the E.U. and spend more than €70,01 on the same day in a store which is part of the Tax Refund network.

How can I obtain the Customs stamp?

If the merchandise is in the carry-on luggage, the stamp is requested in the last European airport transited before leaving the E.U. If the purchased merchandise is in the luggage to be checked-in, the stamp must be obtained in the last European airport where you check-in, before sending off your bags.

*In Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa Airports, the Customs stamp can be obtained directly at the Tax refund Priority Desks, without further procedures and without lines.

Can I use the items I purchased?

No. Until the moment you leave the E.U., the purchases must be unused.

Do I have a deadline to obtain the Customs stamp and the refund of my Tax Refund Form?

The Tax Refund Form must be stamped before the end of the third month following the month of purchase.

How can I obtain the refund?

The refund can be obtained in cash at one of our refund centers in Italy and abroad or by credit card.